New in the Shop

Fall is here! Lots of new items are arriving in the shop. We’ll be adding to the list regularly so check back often or stop into the store.

Malabrigo Rios: Zodiac Colors

elgin knit works malabrigo rios heading
elgin knit works malabrigo rios zodiac

Round Mountain Fibers

Our Round Mountain yarn is 100% Superwash Merino Sourced from New Zealand/Australia; spun in Canada. Super squishy glossy base that has both drape and stitch definition. 4 Ply Available in 100g skeins (approximately 250 yards).


But what should I make? 
Two skeins makes this lovely shawl,
pattern is free with the purchase of two skeins of Round Mountain yarn.

elginknitworks round mountain fibers shawl
elginknitworks round mountain fibers

Witches, Zombies, Bats & Eyeballs

elginknitworks halloween kits

Do you need a Halloween beastie? Perhaps eyeballs in a jar (because who DOESN’T need eyeballs in a jar?) or maybe just some felted pumpkins for your table. We have kits for all of them!

Candy Corn Gnomes

Just like the real candy corn, you can’t just have one Candycorn Gnome! All these guys were knit from the same kit!  Enjoy 25% OFF on candy corn gnome kits for the month of September.


Halloween Stitch Stoppers

A huge order of new Stitch Stoppers just came in, not all of them are Halloween but we wanted to share a few of our favorite seasonal ones.

elginknitworks halloween stitch stoppers

Neon Sock Yarn

elginknitworks uni merino neons

Uni Merino Neons – Not just for socks… great for shawls as well!

Project Bags!

New project and notion bags have arrived.

elgin knit works project bags

Dog Kits

Spend the dog days of summer knitting a dog for yourself (or a friend).

elgin knit works poodle kit

The Pink Poodle kit comes with all the supplies you need to knit her as well as the bling collar. The poodle is made flat and sewn together. Safety eyes and nose are included.

elgin knit works dachshund

The Dachshund kit comes with the supplies you need to make two dogs. Keep them together as best friends or gift one to someone you love.

Julie Asselin DK – Leizu


If you are not familiar with this amazing hand-dyer this is a great opportunity. Julie Asselin is a dyer from Quebec. Her colors are rich and beautiful. Leizu Dk is a wool silk superwash blend with 260 yards. It is a great base for sweaters and accessories. Stop in and check out all the new colors.

010523 julie asselin yarns

Chunky Sweater Cords

062923 elgin knit works chunky sweater cords

What is more satisfying than knitting a chunky sweater? We now have chunky sweater cords that will enable you to try on as you go as well as put your sleeves on holders without worrying about the cord coming off your bigger needles. Stop in and pick one up today

Malabrigo Mohair

042023 elgin knit works malabrigo mohair

If you have been in the shop and met Linda you probably have heard her say “Everything is better with mohair”. She has been adding mohair to projects for much longer that it has been popular on Ravelry. We are so excited for the new mohair by Malabrigo. You will recognize some of our favorite colorways such as Anniversario and Whales Road but you will also discover some new colors as well. All are very beautiful and have so many possibilities.

BLUE Q Recycled Bags

We have just received a new shipment of Blue Q bags. If you are not familiar with this line of bags you are in for a treat. The extremely reasonably priced bags are 95% recycled and available in many different sizes. They are durable and decorated in sassy colors and sayings. Stop in to see the entire collection. 

042023 elgin knit works blue q recycled bags

Sweet Little Nothing

042023 elgin knit works sweet little nothing shawl

This lovely little shawl has the perfect shape for wrapping. The pattern is easy to remember and the beads at the end are optional. Knitted in a fingering weight cotton this sweet little shawl will dress up any tee shirt or summer outfit. Checkout all the beautiful colors available in this summer cotton yarn.

Plan Your Summer – Visit the National Parks

In 2023, we are once again following Knitted Wit as they Dye their way through the National Historic Parks. Each month you will receive  specially skeins dyed based on the following  4 categories:

  • Indigenous Culture Sites
  • Natural History – Eastern USA
  • Natural History – Western USA
  • Sites honoring Human Rights Leaders/Notable People

Reserve your national park sock yarn today! 4 colorways a month for 4 months! Save 10% when you put 1/2 deposit or just pay for the entire bundle.   Knitters will earn a “knit the parks” enamel pin when you purchase all 16 colorways.

032223 elgin knit works craft the parks

Magical Unicorn

032223 elgin knit works unicorn

One skein of Unicorn is all it takes to add a little magic and sparkle to your next project!

A silk core with soft kid mohair and lurex sparkle making a sport-weight yarn. 

Stop in and check out all of your new colorways!

This classic shawl was written to show off the beauty of one skein of Unicorn. Stop in and check out all the new colors. (pattern free with yarn) 

Day & Nite Needle Sets

elgin knit works day night needle sets

The Day & Nite gift set consists of beautifully crafted dual-toned interchangeable needles to instantly provide the right background for any color of yarn. Effortlessly swivel the needle on the 360 degree stainless steel cord to give the desired contrast. Included needle sizes: US 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, & 11 and 360 degree stainless steel swivel cords: (to make) 24″, 32″ x2, & 40″ circulars.

Also includes cord connectors, end caps, locking keys, and as an extra: 4 wooden Day & Nite themed buttons! A classic Day & Nite soft case stores it all – providing instant organization and portability. The box artwork has a layered 3-dimensional design. A beautiful, whimsical, and practical set that is sure to please! Best of all it works with all of your other Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles. 

Yarn Bowls and Stands

If you have not yet had a chance to visit the tea & pottery shop next door you don’t know what you are missing. Steep-N-Clay offers a wide variety of loose leaf tea as well as amazing pottery. We are happy to have yarn bowls and yarn caddies  made for us buy Steep-n-Clay. Stop in and check them out.

elgin knit works yarn bowls horz

Yarn Tubs in New Fabrics

elgin knit works yarn tubs

We have just received a shipment of new yarn tubs! These wonderful little bags sit nicely on the counter or the floor to hold your bag. The waterproof fabric is what makes these so nice. Come in and check out the new fabric as well as some old favorites.


Xiomara will wrap you in an elegant show of color, texture and intriguing Mosaic stitches. No one has to know how simple these stitches are, which only adds to the mystery and allure of Xiomara.

Mosaic knitting is incredibly beautiful and amazingly simple, nothing to fear and wonderful to learn! All the stitches are basic, even the Mosaic effect is achieved through the simplest of slipped stitches and working with only one color in each row.

Easy peasy, I promise. 

elginknitworks nov xiomara

JUL Post Buttons

elginknitworks nov jul post buttons

This new style of (re)moveable styling tack has a stud element that is integrated into the button with a leather disk to create a powerful styling tool.  To use the button, simply remove the leather backing, slip the button shaft in between the stitches of the knitwear / crochetwear and then pop the leather backing on the shaft on the wrong side of your material.  

It’s crisp, quick, and easy!