Kits-Year of the Gnomes

elginknitworks year of gnomes

Our favorite Gnome designer has announced a year-long Gnome K-A-L. In support of the Year of Gnome K-A-L we will be offering a unique Gnome kit per month. You can use the Gnome you knit each month to enter the Imagine Landscapes KAL for prizes. In addition, all knitters who knit a Gnome from each of the EKW kits for the year will receive a Gnomie gift at the end of the year. 

Patriotic Gnomes

Just in time to help you celebrate the 4th of July, these adorable patriotic gnomes will help you celebrate! Each kit makes 2-3 gnomes and come with charms and decor.

elginknitworks july patriotic gnomes

June Bee Gnome

We are all a buzz about this month’s kit. Make a “Queen Bee” and use the self-striping to make a swarm of worker bees. The kit also includes a honeycomb, honey dipper, & bee charms.

elginknitworks june bee gnomes

Snow Gnomes

Just like snowflakes, no two sn-omes are alike. The navy velour and a bit of sparkle yarn makes these adorable guys irresistible! Knit some for yourself and some to give away.

elginknitworks november snow gnomes

Candy Corn Gnomes

If you know Betsy, you know its never too early to start the fall /spooky season. What better way to start than with a handful of candy corn. This month’s kit is packed with enough yarn to make tons of Gnomes, (for the same great price) Keep some for yourself and give some away.


Birthday Gnomes

This month we have decided to celebrate birthdays! Everyone has one and the Gnomes want you to be prepared. This month’s kits include hand-dyed yarn, a tiny pompom marker for the party hat, balloons, gifts and a birthday sign.

elginknitworks july birthday gnomes

Tiny Gnomes

This month we went micro! These tiny guys are not only adorable but super quick to knit. Kit includes yarn & findings to make a pair of earrings or use the lobster claw clasp to clip your gnome to your project bag. This month we used the pattern Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun. Kits can be purchased with or without the pattern.

elginknitworks may tiny gnomes

April Showers

These cuties come with umbrellas, raindrops, thunder cloud, and even a puddle. As usual, the kits will make 2 to 3 Standard size gnomes. We are suggesting the pattern Gno Fun like Gnome Fun. Since patterns are sold separately from the kit let us know if you need help purchasing this pattern from Ravelry, we are happy to help.

elginknitworks april aprilshowers gnomes

Lucky Gnomes

No need to look any further, we have found the pot of gold! (well, you will have to do a bit of knitting to get the gold). Lucky Gnome Kits are here! Packed full of goodies, you will get the pot, gold yarn, Orange furry beard yarn and lots of shamrocks for luck.

elginknitworks march lucky gnomes

Steampunk Gnomes

Happy 2022!

elginknitworks january newyear gnomes
elgin knit works octopus