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Anna Wright Project Bags

Anna is an artist and illustrator.  Her upbringing, in Dumfriesshire, southwest Scotland, was surrounded by rural life, which alongside her love for color, pattern and textiles, has shaped her work.

Since exploring these influences at Edinburgh College of Art, Anna has grown her trademark style of colour and humour using a mixture of fabric, feathers, pen, ink & paint. On any given day you’ll find her in her studio sketching away or delving into her chest of fabric that she has sourced from varied locations. Animals are her main focus and she uses bold inky lines to capture their humour and character adding fabric & feathers to bring colour & texture to her drawings. If the mood is right the images are signed off with a witty caption adding to the joy of the creation. Wherever possible, all of her products are UK made with a focus on quality, sustainability and durability.

Anna now works from her studio in Winchester where she lives.

Her work has been featured in House and Garden, Country Life and Artists & IIlustrators.